How You Can Help

this wiki is nothing sacred LOOK I is uzing badd spellling an gramar!

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these are things you can do to help

  • if you want to help out on the 22nd check out the volunteers page
  • We still need a lot of advertising help, so if you can design fliers and link them here, that would be great. Once we have some flyers, you can help out by posting them around
    • Designing flyers and spoke cards
    • Do we have access to a laminator to laminate the spoke cards?
  • tell your friends who might be interested in helping out with BTSD about this wiki
  • organize A bike parade around campus ending in the quad
  • bike music/performance
  • bike videos shown on a screen powered by bikes
  • organize Bike ride to an all ages get-together at the end of the day
    • someone could contact local bike shops or the bike kitchen.
  • organize a bike part swap
  • Bike art show (work with on campus gallery if it is not already booked)
  • organize All levels workshops
    • Is the SFBC interested in collaborating with this?
  • design spoke cards for both the day and the rides
  • come up with a sexier name than "bike to school day - a cycling

celebration and climate change solution".

  • recruit MANY volunteers for day-of (7am-5pm)- we need at least 6 people for every hour.
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